Independent Providers

Groups Practices



Benefits for patients.

  • 24/7 direct access to Worldwide physicians and Specialists
  • 24/7 direct access to US board physicians
  • Unlimited live video, phone, and chat consultation
  • Remote monitoring, text alert, and unscheduled calls
  • Continuing medical education
  • Priority answer to health questions
  • Physicians direct cell, and email
  • Online diagnostic and treatment plan
  • Follow up phone call

Benefits for Independent Providers.

  • Offers patient centered provided care
  • Allows providers to focus solely on what they « know best » without the responsibility and hassle of managing a practice
  • Allows interaction with a wide range of patients from the comfort of your own homes, wherever and whenever necessary. Meets needs of patients in rural and remote areas
  • Win-win results for the patient and provider relationship
  • Drastically reduces the overall cost of delivery of services
  • Use of sophisticated, portable diagnostic devices that will continuously monitor patients and automatically generate reports and communicate patient's vital information across the platform
  • Provide and achieve full diagnostic services and treatments in any location of patient's choice with the help of latest medical digital devices

Benefits for Groups Practices.

  • Allows provider to provider collaboration whereby communicating easily and efficiently to one another to provide optimum patient care, including the ability to quickly determine the changes in care occurring across group practices.
  • Revolutionizes the means of care for patients, cutting down costs of healthcare, all while elevating the quality of patient care.
  • Provides the use of sophisticated, portable diagnostic devices that will continuously monitor patients and automatically generate reports and communicate patient vital information across the UMHCS platform.
  • Access to patients e-health portal with consolidated electronic medical records
  • Guaranteed HIPPA practices and the latest sophisticated security tools and techniques
  • Our platform will support your professionalism and be on guard, monitoring any negative alerts or changes in your patients' health conditions.
  • Lowering medical costs, improving quality and making healthcare more personalized, accessible and affordable

Benefits for Institutions.

  • Help hospitals to trim expenses and increase solutions paid for on a recurring revenue basis
  • Increases hospital reliance on sensor-based technology to better orchestrate the flow of patients, doctors, nurses, medical equipment and supplies
  • Provide wearable technology for patients in order to generate research and detailed data.
  • Access to virtual doctors offering same-day appointments and affordable fees
  • Provide real-time virtual access to doctors through telehealth technology and our Kiosk
  • Unlimited consultation and no copays for use of Kiosk
  • Suited to help meet the demands of today's increasingly empowered and health-conscious patient


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